Big Bedroom Vs Small Bedroom: Which is better?

Is it better to have a big bedroom or small bedroom? At first you might think the answer is straightforward, but a closer look will show you that you need to think twice.

The obvious answer is, of course it’s better to have a big bedroom. Who wouldn’t want as much space as possible, not just in the bedroom but in all the rooms in your home? On the other hand, though, more space means more empty areas to fill, a long walk to the bathroom and other important areas of the house, and other inconveniences.

But, you may ask, what does a small bedroom have to offer? Certainly not space! Yet, small sleeping spaces have their unique charms. They’re cozier, for one thing. For another, they challenge your creativity for decor, organization, and storage.

4 Reasons Why We Love A Small Bedroom Over A Big Bedroom

It’s no secret that we love small spaces at the Compact Furniture Place. It’s kind of our thing. So, to no one’s surprise, in the big bedroom vs small bedroom debate we are firmly on the side of the latter. 

But our 4 reasons for believing that small bedrooms are better than big ones may surprise you – and maybe even inspire you, too!

Reason #1: Small Bedrooms Are Easier To Keep Clean

The smaller the bedroom, the easier it is to keep it clean. Let’s explain.

In a big bedroom, you have a lot of floor space to walk on to reach important points of the area. By simply walking from the doorway to the side of the bed, your dresser, your closet, or your master bathroom, you track in lots of dirt and debris all over the room. 

After about a week or so, every inch of that floor will need to be cleaned. And in a bedroom with lots of square footage, this chore can take twenty to thirty minutes. Yuck.

When you have a small bedroom, though, you don’t walk in it as much, so the floors will not get so dirty. And when the time comes to clean your floors, you’ll find that the chore doesn’t take long at all because there is simply not much floor to clean.

The same logic applies to your dusting. Here’s how.

A small bedroom can only hold your most necessary pieces of furniture: the bedframe, a dresser, and perhaps one or two small night stands. That really isn’t much to clean, and the task can take less than ten minutes to complete.

But a big bedroom can fit quite a bit more furniture: a vanity, lounge chairs, a bookcase, an entertainment center… the list goes on! What does all that surface area translate to? A heck of a lot more dusting!

That’s what we mean by small bedrooms being easier to clean. For people who like to get their housekeeping done quickly and easily (I’m definitely not pointing to myself right now), the limited surface area of a small bedroom and its minimal furnishings is a smart trade-off.

Reason #2: Small Bedrooms Help You Stay Decluttered

In a large bedroom, you can spread clutter out across the floor and the tops of your furniture so that it’s not as noticeable. Even though it’s a mess, the mess doesn’t really get in the way because you have so much room.

But in a small bedroom, there’s no getting away from the clutter. You’ll find that you’re much more motivated to keep your possessions put away and organized, simply because you don’t have the surface area to spread them out on. How’s that for a cleaning hack?

Reason #3: Small Bedrooms Facilitate Better Sleep

For many of us, it’s extremely important that the bedroom stays nice and cool. When it’s warm, we can’t get comfortable enough to go to sleep because we’re tossing and turning and kicking the sheets off. 

There are even scientific studies that show that humans sleep better when the temperature of the room they’re sleeping in is cold. According to Healthline, the ideal room temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 and 19.4 degrees Celsius).

The beauty of small bedrooms is that due to their compact size, they cool down far quicker than large bedrooms. You’ll find this is a great feature during the summer, in particular.

If it comes down to losing sleep in a large, hot bedroom, or sleeping like a baby in a cool one, I know which one I’m picking!

Reason #4: Small Bedrooms Encourage Minimalism (If That’s Your Goal)

For many of us who live in tiny homes or apartments, minimalism has become a way of life. But it’s not always because it’s a necessity. Minimalism is a goal for some people, a lifestyle to aspire to.

And for good reason! Minimalism encourages us to make do with what we need, create less waste, and be creative with our resources. 

If achieving a minimalist lifestyle is your goal, then a small bedroom will help you get there. Not only will you need to downsize the number of your possessions to fit them in this tiny space, but you’ll appreciate how clean and full the room looks with just the necessities and a touch of decor here and there. 

On the other hand, a minimalist style can leave a large bedroom looking empty and lonely. You might be tempted to fill it with several unnecessary items to keep the space from looking so blank. Before you know it, you’ve accumulated a lot of junk you didn’t really need. 

A small bedroom may not compare to a big one if you’re thinking only in terms of space and how much of your stuff you can fit in it. But if you shift your mindset to focus on practical factors such as convenience, cleanliness, and how to experience a more sustainable lifestyle, then a small bedroom wins every time.

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