dad who says he wants no gifts laying on couch arms outstretched

Swell Gifts for Dads Who Want Nothing

Shopping for gifts for dads who want nothing isn’t that hard when you breakdown what dad is really saying. Which is that he can’t think of a thing he needs or wants that he’s willing to store somewhere in his home. But the key to finding a gift dad will …

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practical gifts for dads

30 Handy Gifts for Practical Dads That He’ll Wish He Had Sooner

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your practical dad that he’ll actually use. The desktop golf and novelty coffee mugs are entertaining and all, but dad deserves something useful that won’t end up on a shelf in the back of the closet. …

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small bathroom counter with tray of beauty products

30 Decorating Tips and Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Let’s plunge (pun intended!) into decorating ideas and storage for small bathrooms. We want to look beautiful. We want our bathroom to be beautiful. But with all the personal care products we need to achieve the former, how can we possibly achieve the latter in the same tiny space? Here …

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online furniture buying tips

7 Essential Furniture Buying Tips For Shopping Online

Buying furniture online is a convenient way to add some great pieces to your small space. However, it can be challenging buying furniture without physically looking at it. So here’s a few online furniture buying tips to help you make smart choices. Furniture Buying Tips 1. Most Important Furniture Buying …

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Small balcony furniture ideas

15 Balcony Furniture Ideas so You can ROCK Your Tiny Terrace!

With the right inspiration, you can do big things with every small space in your home, including your tiny balcony. So we’ve gleaned some balcony furniture ideas especially designed for small spaces to help you turn your tiny terrace into the retreat of your dreams! Whether you’re looking for balcony furniture ideas …

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Comfortable chairs for small spaces make your small living room more cozy

14 Oh So Comfortable Chairs for Small Spaces

When you’re furnishing a small living area, finding comfortable chairs for your small space is a challenge. It seems like you have to choose between the style you adore or the comfort you long for – kind of like shoe shopping 😉 . To help you out, we gathered a selection …

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small house decorating tips to help you maximize space

12 Small House Decorating Tips to Make your Tiny Place Feel Larger

<id=”top”>Living in a small home or apartment has its advantages. There’s less to clean and maintain and fewer steps required to do it. But if you’re trying to decorate that small space, you might run into some challenges, like how to make it feel uncluttered and less cramped. To help you …

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How to furnish and decorate a studio apartment

27 Practical Tips for Studio Apartment Furniture and Decor

Choosing studio apartment furniture and decor can seem overwhelming. You wouldn’t think so because it’s just a tiny area, but small spaces are actually more challenging to furnish and decorate than large ones. There is a need for an eating area, but no room for a dining room table and …

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Clever space savers that make living in a small home or apartment so much easier!

16 Clever Space Savers that Make Life Easier in a Small Home

When it comes to small space living, clever space savers can make a big difference in the functionality of your home. Because when you live in a small space, convenience and efficiency really matter. Fortunately, there’s some cool products out there that can help you achieve both in your small home …

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Space saving ideas for small bedrooms

50 Small Bedroom Ideas and Incredibly Useful Space Saving Tips

Your small bedroom isn’t just where you sleep, so how about some space saving small bedroom ideas to cover every function? We’ve compiled a huge list of small space tips and ideas to help you make the most of that tiny boudoir. A bedroom space is where you get ready …

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Small kids bedroom ideas to help organize and decorate a small kids room

36 Ideas for Decorating and Organizing a Small Kids Bedroom

If you live in a small place and have kids, you’re going to need some small kids bedroom ideas to help you organize and decorate their space. Both for their happiness and most importantly…your sanity! Because man, do those little people take up a lot of space! Toys, gadgets, clothes, …

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30 ideas for decorating a small living room

30 Fab Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room Beautifully

Every small room has its own challenges, but decorating a small living room can be especially tricky. The very name denotes that it’s likely the room in which you spend the most time, and it’s certainly the room most seen by your

Kitchen Space savers

22 Incredibly Smart Kitchen Space Savers for Small Kitchens

You may bemoan your small kitchen, but a “step saver kitchen” (that’s realtor-speak for tiny) is actually much more efficient than a large one. With the right kitchen space savers, you’ll fully appreciate how efficient your tiny kitchen can be. The trick is to put every inch of your kitchen …

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how to decorate a small dining room

10 Small Dining Room Ideas for a Beautiful and Usable Space

Let’s dish about how to decorate a small dining room. How do you make a small space inviting enough to share a meal with friends and family, but practical enough that you can use it for homework, projects, work, or anything else? Here’s 10 small dining room ideas to help …

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