Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything (Pssst, We’re Tired of Clutter!)

If mom is trying to clear out clutter and downsize, you may find yourself with the delightful task of finding a gift for a mom who says she doesn’t want anything. As if buying mom a holiday gift she’ll love wasn’t challenging enough! Since I’ve recently downsized and said this to my own kids, I thought I’d share a few ideas on gifts for moms who don’t want anything (like me), but that they’ll actually use and love.

These are all really cool gifts that either save space or make a mom’s life a little more pleasant, or both.

And none of them add clutter!

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 5 picks for you:

  1. Space Saving Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything An Online Class that Inspires Her
  2. Gifts for Moms Who Never Want Anything but Have Taken Up Container GardeningThe Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible
  3. Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything…Except Their Favorite BeverageCoffee / Tea Mug Warmer
  4. Pampering Gifts For Moms Who Say They Don’t Want AnythingShiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat
  5. Gifts For Moms Who Don’t Want Anything But Are Trying to Get FitFitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Need even more ideas for mom? Then keep reading because we have a few other lovely ideas to share with you!

Quick Note: We work hard to find ideas and products you’ll love! As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We earn from other retailers as well, which means if you buy something through the links or images on this page, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read our disclosure for more info. We hope you enjoy our tips and product suggestions.

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Space Saving Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything

An Online Class that Inspires Her

MasterClass offers all kinds of online courses taught by people who are top in their field. Mom can learn how to write a great short story, or how to improve her cooking craft, or how to write fiction based on her life, like Amy Tan did with her novel The Joy Luck Club.

You can buy just one class, or for a surprisingly low cost, you can buy mom an All Access Pass and she can take as many classes as she wants on any topic she wants, for a whole year!

MasterClass gives mom the gift of knowledge, inspiration and growth and those things don’t take up any storage space at all. It’s the perfect clutter-free gift for moms.

Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer and Mirror

Titan Mall Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer Mounted Lockable Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Full-Length Mirror Dressing Mirror Makeup Jewelry Storage(White)
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This is the perfect gift for moms who say they don’t want anything that adds clutter…but can’t bear to part with any of their jewelry.

*raises hand sheepishly*  🙄

This lighted and mirrored jewelry organizer hangs conveniently over a door, eliminating the need for a bulky jewelry box or armoire. Plus, all mom’s pretties are neatly hidden away by a mirrored door.

If mom has more makeup than jewelry, there’s also this nifty over-the-door makeup vanity that has some jewelry storage too.

Magnetic Spice Holders

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Mom may think there is no gift she wants…until she sees these little space savers! This set of 12 magnetic spice tins can be stored on the side of the fridge and save on cupboard and counter space. It comes with 120 stick-on labels so mom can customize them any way she wants.

The set comes with a stainless steel plate that you can stick to a non-magnetic fridge or the inside of your cupboard for the spice tins to hang on. And I love that you can twist these to reveal holes in the side to shake the spice, or you can screw off the lid to measure out a larger amount.

These handy things will help space-challenged moms gain some cabinet room. It’s a super useful gifts for moms who say they don’t want anything.

Magnetic Knife/Tool Rack

A magnetic knife strip for the kitchen is a great clutter free gifts for moms who don't want anything
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Help mom clear up some kitchen drawer or counter space with a magnetic knife and utensil strip.

It’s easy to install and puts her most-used kitchen utensils in easy reach. She might appreciate a second one for sewing or office supplies too!

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is a great gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
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The wildly popular (for good reason!) Instant Pot is THE gift for moms who say they don’t want anything.

It’s practical, convenient and saves space and time in the kitchen. What mom wouldn’t want that? Me included…this is going on my list!

The Instant Pot is a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer and yogurt maker all in one. That’s a whole cabinet full of appliances mom can clear out!

It comes in 3 sizes, so whether mom lives alone or with family still at home, there’s a size that will work for her.

Tea Bag Organizer

A Tea Bag Organizer is a space saving gift for moms who don't want anything
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If mom is a tea lover, she knows the frustration of having ten half filled boxes of tea bags falling over each other in her cupboard.

You can solve her problem by getting her this nifty Tea Bag Organizer. It’s made to fit on the counter or in a cupboard and neatly holds up to 135 tea bags!

There are no pre-drilled holes for hanging, but you can easily mount this on the wall with Command strips or attach it to the side of the fridge with magnets. I also love how versatile this is. Mom can use it anywhere in the home where she needs some extra storage space. It’s a great little space saver that tea drinking moms will love!

A Compact Makeup Organizer

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If mom lives in a small space, chances are she has a small bathroom with not a lot of storage space. She might love one of these pretty Portable Makeup Organizer Bags.

The trays fold out so she can see all her products and everything tucks back in, nice and neat, to stash under the sink or on a shelf. This comes in pink or black and it makes a nice little practical gift for mom.

Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle is a great space saving gift for moms who don't want more clutter
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I’m a book lover and I LOVE my Kindle Paperwhite! It’s like having a library at my fingertips all the time, without a single bookshelf.

It’s backlit, so I can read in bed without having a light on and disturbing my husband. It’s great for reading in the tent when we’re camping too. Oh, and the latest version is even waterproof! Hello, bathtub reading.

The Paperwhite holds 8GB of data, which is enough for thousands of books! Plus, all the books are stored on the Amazon cloud, so if I do surpass that amount, it’s no problem.

You can buy Kindle books on Amazon, of course, but you can also check out ebooks in Kindle format from most libraries. You can find out how to do this at your local library’s website.

Even tech-challenged moms love Kindles. My mom is 79, still has a flip phone, and sends real letters with stamps, instead of emails.

But she uses her Kindle like a pro! It turned out to be the best gift mom never wanted!

AND what’s also cool is that I can share my Kindle library with my mom so if I buy (or borrow) a book I think she’ll like, she can read it too.

Speaking from experience, a Kindle is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift for a book-loving mom who doesn’t want anything that takes up more space.

Below are a couple accessories for the Kindle mom might like. I own the padded holder and use it nightly. It makes it so much more comfortable to lay in bed and read my Kindle.

But now I want to upgrade to the this sleek Kindle case, which has a built-in holder and stand all in one. It comes in several patterns too. Oh, this is going on my gift list!

Padded Holder for a Kindle is a practical gift for moms who don't want giftsPadded HolderPadded HolderA Kindle case and stand is a nice gift for moms who say they don't want giftsCase/Holder/StandFintie Case/Holder/Stand


Nixplay Digital Picture Frame

A digital photo frame is a great gift for moms who say they don't want anything
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I love digital picture frames because you can display hundreds of photos in one frame – super space saving. But boy have they come a loooong way, baby! I have one from about eight years ago which I really liked at the time…but it doesn’t hold a candle to this NIXPLAY Digital Photo Frame.

With a Nixplay Digital Frame, you can email or use an app and send photos straight to mom’s frame. This is totally perfect for older parents.

Imagine mom sitting in her favorite chair, watching a digital picture slide show on her frame and all of a sudden she sees brand new pictures coming through of you partying on the deck of the cruise ship. Wait…how did that one get in there?  😉

You can even caption the photos, make playlists, mix them up with video and all kinds of other cool stuff.

AND the Nixplay has motion sensors so they turn on when mom walks in the room and turn off when she leaves. It’s all very George Jetson-y.

Like the Kindle, Nixplay frames are great techy space-saving gifts for moms who don’t want anything that adds clutter.

UPDATE: I bought this for my mom and she LOVES getting photos from all of her kids and grandkids right to her frame! I can attest that it’s really easy to use too!

Foldable Pill Case

A foldable pill case is a practical gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
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This may not be the most glamorous of gifts for mom, but it’s super practical for moms who take vitamins or medications regularly.

This Foldable Pill Case has compartments for a full week’s worth of medications and vitamins, plus four extra compartments for antacids, pain relievers and other “as needed” remedies. The whole thing folds up to a tidy little rectangle for easy storage.

It’s perfect for mom to throw in her purse so she doesn’t miss any doses while she’s away from home. It’s a nifty little practical gift for a mom who says she doesn’t want anything.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage Trays

A Bamboo cutting board with drawers is a nice gift for moms who don't want any gifts
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As a mom who never wants anything…this gift is going on my list. The Bamboo Land Cutting Board has handy drawers so you can chop, then quickly slide your chopped veggies right in them and move on to the next veggie victim. And those drawers slide out and have lids to store them in the fridge till you’re ready to use them. Slick!

This basically serves six functions at once and doesn’t take up any more counter space than a regular cutting board. Moms who like to cook will love this gift.

Gifts for Moms Who Never Want Anything but Have Taken Up Container Gardening

Like many people in 2021, mom might want to grow her own vegetables but doesn’t have a big yard. Here’s a few gift ideas for practical moms who want to start a garden on their balcony or small patio.

A Garden Tool Set and Tote

A garden tool set is a practical gift for moms who don't want anything
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The Scuddles Garden Tool Set has everything mom needs to get digging. It’s a top seller and a great idea for a practical gift for mom.

The Vegetable Container Garden Bible

A book about container gardening is a great gift for moms who say they don't want anything
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If my kids happen to be reading this – I want this Vegetable Container Garden book so I can learn how to grow food on my patio! Sure I can google my queries, but it would be really nice to have a handy book to refer to whenever I have questions about garden pests, when to harvest what, and all the other things newbie gardeners need to know.

Speaking from experience, this would be an appreciated gift for a mom who wants to garden in a small space.

A Lovely Hummingbird Feeder

A pretty Hummingbird Feeder is a delightful mothers day gift for moms who don't want anything
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If mom is spending more time outdoors tending to her plants, she might enjoy this lovely blown glass hummingbird feeder. I love the unique style of this pretty feeder. Even moms who don’t want gifts, like to watch hummingbirds, right?

Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything…Except Their Favorite Beverage

French Press Portable Coffee Maker

A French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect clutter free gifts for moms who don't want anything
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If mom’s a coffee drinker, she’ll love the highly-rated Kohipress french press coffee maker and travel mug. It makes delicious brewed coffee in shorter time and with less acid than conventional coffee makers.

You just put the coffee grounds right in the cup, add boiling water, push down the press and let it steep for about 3 minutes. Voila!

It’s a perfect gift for moms who don’t want anything that clutters up their space. No coffee mug or carafe to clean, no filters to buy and store, no wasteful K-Cup pods.

The best coffee to use with this is a coarsely ground coffee, like this one from Primos Coffee Company. Or mom can use her favorite coffee beans, just set the grinder to coarse.

Infuser Water Bottle

An Infuser Water Bottle is a super practical gift for moms who don't want clutter
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Improve the flavor and health benefits of mom’s water with a Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle. Just add fruit once and refill with water all day for a tasty alternative to diet drinks and soda.

You can also use it to make cold-brewed tea.

This bottle not only looks fabulous, but is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Plus, the infuser rod can be removed and used in a larger pitcher for group servings.

As a mom who tells my kids I don’t want anything…I want this!

Loose-Leaf Tea Maker and Mug All-in-One

A Tea Cup with filter is a practical gift for moms who don't want anything
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For moms who like herbal tea from unprocessed dried herbs, the Tea Song mug and infuser set makes loose-leaf tea drinking so easy. It comes with a built-in infuser and lid that doubles as a coaster.

It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in several pretty zen designs.

What’s really nice is the whole thing fits together and takes up the same room in the cupboard as a single tea mug.

It’s a nice little tea-lovers gift for a mom who doesn’t want anything that takes up unnecessary space…but likes convenience!

Tea Drops

Tea Drops are a unique gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
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The latest craze in hot beverages are Tea Drops and I have to say, these look pretty cool and have amazing reviews.

Tea Drops are basically tea leaves compressed into pretty little shapes. You just drop them in your cup and add hot water. No need for a tea strainer even. You can use them to make iced tea as well.

You get a sampler set, so mom can try different flavors of both herbal and caffeinated varieties.

They make a nice little practical gift for moms who enjoy their tea!

Coffee / Tea Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Home, Office, Black
View on Amazon

And if your mom is a sipper like me, this mug warmer will keep each sip of that coffee or tea nice and warm like a cozy blanket.

Plus it’s great for small spaces and a best seller on Amazon for good reason. It’s a treat that a mom who doesn’t want anything (but loves her hot coffee and tea) will appreciate.

Portable Wine Picnic Table

Wine Picnic Table - A Deluxe 16
View on Amazon

I love wine and I love the outdoors and sure any cup will do the job, but sometimes I just want a proper wine glass without the stress of spillage.

This Portable Wine Picnic Table is just adorable and makes it easy for mom to enjoy those spring and summer days with her girl friends…and with vino that stays right in the glass!

Insulated Wine Carrier Tote

Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote - Travel Padded 2 Bottle Wine/Champagne Cooler Bag with Handle and Adjustable Shoulder Strap + Free Corkscrew, Great Wine Lover Gift, Grey
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And for that extra surprise, this Wine Carrier Tote is oh so chic and thermal insulated to keep that chardonnay crisp and cool for mom on the go.

Wine Glass Holder for Better Bubble Baths

30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower | Give The Gift of Bathtub Relaxation | Chill Present
View on Amazon

And for vino at home, sometimes mom just wants to pamper herself with a bubble bath, a book, and a glass of wine. Just like it says, this Wine Glass Holder pairs perfectly with bubble baths and I love it even more because it’s perfect for small spaces. Cheers!

Pampering Gifts For Moms Who Say They Don’t Want Anything

These next few gifts for moms are things she probably won’t buy for herself but will make her everyday life just a little more pleasant. They fall in a category I call, Practical Pampering.

They are just a bit indulgent; they aren’t clutter because they will be used; and they don’t take up much space.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker is a great practical gift for moms who think they don't want anything
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If mom listens to music from her phone or ipod, a good quality portable bluetooth speaker is always appreciated.

The sound is so much better than just coming from her phone and this little baby is less than 6″ high and and plays from 66 feet away from the music device. Plus, if mom’s party gets a little too wild, it’s waterproof.

If your budget is a little higher, check out the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM speaker. I bought one for a friend who is hard of hearing and needed something to amplify the sound from her computer.

Let me tell you – the sound from this thing is awesome and it works from as far away as 100 feet from whatever it’s paired with! I highly recommend it. The volume buttons are right on the front of it (the plus and minus signs), making it super easy to use.

With a portable speaker like one of these, mom can enjoy her tunes all around the house, outside, camping or wherever she likes.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

An Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace is a thoughtful gift for moms who say they don't want anything
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Help mom pamper herself a bit with this highly-rated oil diffuser necklace. Not only will her favorite essential oil scents lift her mood, but it’s a lovely piece of jewelry that goes with anything, dressy or casual.

The necklace comes with nine insert pads in different colors so she can coordinate it with her outfits. She can use her favorite brand of essential oils in it and the pads are washable and reusable.

If you want to start mom out with a soothing scent, Edens Garden is an excellent brand and their Joy blend is very nice.

An oil diffuser necklace is a thoughtful gift for moms who don’t want anything, but don’t know how much they would love this!

One Line A Day Journal

One Line A Day Journal is a thoughtful gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
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The simple One Line A Day journals are a concise way for mom to jot down a thought or two, a gratitude, an event or feeling – whatever moves her.

It takes the tediousness out of journaling because anyone can write one line. And it’s beneficial to look back and see what you were doing last year or three years ago, on this date. Kind of eye-opening, actually.

The beautiful thing is that mom can pass the journal down so future generations can get a glimpse of the life of their ancestor.

Flameless LED Candles with Remote

A flameless candle set with remote is a pampering gift for moms who say they don't want anything
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I love the ambiance of candles in a room, but hate how they look when they’ve burned partway down and can’t bring myself to throw them out when they’re still burnable. So this set of is the perfect solution.

Mom can turn these on and off with the remote and put them on a timer so they shut off automatically. I’ve actually forgotten that I had a candle burning before and went to bed. Not good. With these you don’t have to worry about that.

They look lovely all together on a mantle or table, or scatter them around the room for a little candlelight everywhere. And no more storing half used candles.

LED candles are nice little gifts for moms who don’t want anything, but would love a little hassle-free ambiance in their home.

A Cashmere Pashmina

A soft pashmina is a pampering gift to give moms who don't want any gifts
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When I hear the word pashmina, I think of Rachel from Friends, circa 1998. But a big comfy scarf never goes out of style and can be a welcome gift for moms who think they don’t want anything for birthdays or holidays.

The Cashmere and Class Pashmina Scarf will keep mom warm and looking stylish. I love that you can wear these a number of ways AND it doubles as a small blanket when you’re traveling, picnicking, or need to warm up a grandkid.

It comes in a whole slew of colors and patterns, so there’s sure to be one mom will love.

Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

a pillow massager is a gift that even moms who don't want anything would want
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Treat mom to a massage whenever she wants with the Shiatsu Pillow Massager. This portable massager attaches to the car seat or chair so mom can lean back for a shoulder, neck or back massage.

The balls reverse direction every so often, so you don’t get sore after a couple minutes like with a lot of other massagers. It has heat too, which is great to loosen tight muscles.

The reviews on this thing are pretty darn impressive! It comes in five color choices (including pink!) plus it has a one year warranty.

A massage whenever I want? Yes, please! This could turn out to be the best gift your mom who doesn’t want anything ever got!

A Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp

d'aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp; Hand Carved Flower Rose Pink Crystal Rock Salt from Himalayan Mountains; UL-Listed Dimmer Cord; 8 lbs
View on Amazon

I love the calm ambience and energy that a Himalayan Salt Lamp brings to any space (I mean, just ponder the fact that these salts are 250 million years old!), but most of them just look like a block of rock.

This one has some love and soul in the shape of a rose. Makes me go ahhhh…

A Luxurious Throw Blanket

A luxurious throw blanket makes a cozy gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
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Mom will feel totally pampered and cozy when she’s wrapped up in this Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket. It’s the perfect size for mom to snuggle into with room left over for her doggie to burrow in there too. An important feature if mom’s also a dog mom!

it’s super soft and reviewers are raving about it. It comes in brown, ivory or gray and is very reasonably priced. It will win over your mom who says she doesn’t want any gifts!

An Artnaturals Bluetooth Diffuser with Alarm Clock

A diffuser with bluetooth speaker is a pampering gift for moms who say they don't want anything
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Mom will feel like she’s in a spa with this Artnaturals Diffuser. She can enjoy the scent of her favorite essential oils and listen to some zen music (or some Stevie Nicks – whatever floats her boat).

It’s one of those gifts she probably wouldn’t buy for herself but will use everyday. And this thing has amazing reviews too.

If mom doesn’t have her own essential oils, you can buy this diffuser and oils as a set for her and she can enjoy your gift of aromatherapy for a good long time.

Bunny Eyez Tiltable Readers

Bunny Eyez Tiltable Readers are a practical gift for moms who say they don't want any gifts
View Product

I first saw Bunny Eyez advertised on television and I thought it was the coolest idea for moms who need readers. It’s super annoying to have to put the readers on and off to read labels in the grocery store or to watch tv and surf the internet at the same time or about a hundred other things that multi-tasking moms need to do.

Bunny Eyez are tiltable so mom can keep them and see distance and close up at the same time. There are tons of circumstances where these will come in super handy for mom and she’ll wonder how she ever got along without them. That makes these the perfect gift for a mom who doesn’t want anything!

There are tons of colors to choose from and you need to select the reader strength when you order, so try to finagle that bit of info from mom first. You can view all of the Bunny Eyez here.

A Silk Pillowcase to Pamper Mom’s Hair and Skin

SLPBABY Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin with Hidden Zipper Print (Standard(20''x26''), Pattern20)
View on Amazon

For a luxurious and functional gift for mom, take a look at this silk pillowcase. The luxurious part is obvi the 100% mulberry silk as mom puts her head to bead and as an added bonus, the practical part is that silk is also known to help reduce wrinkles and keep mom’s hair healthy.

It’s a natural anti-aging gift that makes you feel like a million bucks too. What mom wouldn’t want that? I know I would!

Gifts For Moms Who Don’t Want Anything But Are Trying to Get Fit

Warning: Don’t buy fitness gifts for mom if she hasn’t mentioned that she would like to work on getting fit. That won’t go over well. But if mom is working on some exercise goals for weight loss or health reasons, she might appreciate one of these practical gifts, even if she says she doesn’t want anything.

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is the perfect gift for active moms who don't want anything
View Product

If mom is trying to get more active and health-conscious, she will love a Fitbit Sense Smartwatch. I say this from experience because my ex bought me one (yes, there’s a story there, but that’s for another time!) and I was not sure if I would really like it, but now…I LOVE this thing! There are lots of cool features, but here’s what I like the most about it:

  • Has an easy-to-use EKG feature which you can share with your doctor
  • Pairs with Apple or Android phone to view messages
  • Free exercise and meditation videos
  • Reminds me to get my butt out of the chair and move!

I also love the fitness detail it gives. When I go on a walk, it tells me how long my heart was in cardio or peak mode and how long it was in fat burn mode. When I need a timer for my planks, it’s right there on my wrist. Really this thing turned out to be one of the best gifts for this mom who never wants anything.

A nice perk is I got a free 6 month trial of Fitbit Premium, which gives me access to more fitness challenges and videos which I am really enjoying. Not sure if I’ll pay for it once the trial is over, but I’m learning all I can while I have it for free and that’s pretty cool. Seriously, if your mom is trying to get fit, she will love this gift!

Resistance Bands For a Kick-ass Ass

Resistance bands are a practical gift for moms who don't want anything but are trying to get fit
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These GYMB Resistance Bands are excellent quality, nice and wide, and don’t roll up your leg when you are trying to master that squeeze-flex-hold move that feels like it’s burning your thighs off.

Trust me, if mom wants a great looking butt and thighs (I know you don’t want to think about it, but it’s true – she does!) she needs a set of these. They are 3 different resistance levels so they are great for beginner or intermediate workouts.

A Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts, Be Free, 6mm
View on Amazon

Yoga is my favorite way to get fit in small spaces because all you really need is a mat. I love the Gaiam Yoga Mats because the beautiful and colorful designs just give me that ahhhh feeling and keeps me on the mat longer!

Just to make sure mom stays on the mat, you could pair it with these Non Slip Yoga Socks too.

Namaste at Home: Online Yoga Studio

As you can tell, I’m a mom who loves yoga. It’s restorative, calming, and low maintenance for small spaces.

So for moms just getting into yoga or who love the variety based on the feeling of the day, another lovely gift is a Yoga Download subscription for unlimited yoga classes from beginner to advanced and everything in between.

What I like about it is that you can choose things like yoga to strengthen and tone, yoga for 50+, and even yoga for buns!

More Gift Ideas for Moms Who Don’t Want Stuff

Here’s a couple more ideas of clutter-free gifts for moms who don’t want anything for birthdays or holidays. These are guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf or take up space in the back of the closet. And in case you forgot, if you buy something from these links, I get a little commission and you can read more about that here.

A Gift of Free Shipping, Streaming, and Music

Of course I’m talking about a gift subscription to Amazon Prime! I have a subscription and I LOVE it! It’s entertainment and convenience all rolled into one gift that collects ZERO dust. Here’s more reasons I love it:

  • Free 2-day shipping on MANY items (sometimes even faster!)
  • Free access to all the great shows on Prime Video
  • Listen to thousands of songs, make playlists, create stations, and purchase music if you want (just listening is free)
  • Unlimited photo storage (so nice to have an additional backup)
  • Free Kindle books mom can read with the Kindle app if she doesn’t own a Kindle

If mom orders from Amazon at all, this will be the one of the best gifts she never wanted.

Get details about an Amazon Prime gift subscription here.

So there you have it…THE list of great gifts for moms who don’t want anything (AKA my wish list!)   😉

Whether your mom is downsizing, trying to save space or just doesn’t want more clutter, she’s sure to love one of these.

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