Where to Put a Trash Can in a Small Kitchen

No Room for Kitchen Bin? 6 Ways to Stash That Trash

No room for kitchen bin? Oh the challenges that connect those of us who live in small spaces like a tiny home, a NYC size (shoebox) studio apartment, a DIY camper, or an RV. I feel ya! Luckily, there are a few things that we can do to deal with …

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kitchen space savers shelves and hooks in a cute small kitchen

22 Incredibly Smart Kitchen Space Savers for Small Kitchens

You may bemoan your small kitchen, but a “step saver kitchen” (that’s realtor-speak for tiny) is actually much more efficient than a large one. With the right kitchen space savers, you’ll fully appreciate how efficient your tiny kitchen can be. The trick is to put every inch of your kitchen …

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