16 Clever Space Savers that Make Life Easier in a Small Home

Clever space savers that make living in a small home or apartment so much easier!

When it comes to small space living, clever space savers can make a big difference in the functionality of your home.

Because when you live in a small space, convenience and efficiency really matter. Fortunately, there’s some cool products out there that can help you achieve both in your small home or apartment.

Here’s 16 little space savers for your home that you probably never knew you needed!

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Space Savers for Small Homes

1.  Outlet Coverplates with Built-in Nightlights

Instead of a bulky nightlight that uses up precious outlet space, try these nifty

outlet coverplates with built-in nightlights


They fit all standard outlets and the nightlight contains a sensor that turns on and off automatically!

2.  Magnetic Ironing Mat

Ironing boards are soooo 1950’s. For that matter, so are clothes that need ironing, IMHO.  😉 But once in a while, if you do find yourself having to iron something, one of these

magnetic ironing mats

would be handy to have.

They turn any metal surface (like a washer or dryer) into a temporary ironing board and can be rolled or hung up between uses.

3.  Portable Shelf

If don’t have room for a nightstand, this

Urban Shelf

is a clever solution to store your nighttime necessities.

It even has convenient cord holders for your electronics and folds down completely flat. It can also double as a Kindle or Ipad stand.

I love the versatility of this little space spacer!

4.  Folding End Table

Furniture that folds down and out of the way are perfect space savers for small rooms. This

Tuc-Away Folding End Table

attaches to a chair or couch, or can be mounted to the wall.

Pop it up when you need a place to put your drink, and fold it down flat when you don’t. Be aware that this doesn’t work well when attached to recliners, but you could mount it to the wall in that case.

5.  Portable Handheld Clothing Steamer

If you dislike ironing as much as I do,

this little portable garment steamer

is worth a try. It’s small and light and requires no ironing surface.

Reviewers say it works great on all types of fabrics and can be easily stored on a hook or tension rod.

6.  Lamp with Built-in Shelves

Duel purpose pieces make great space savers in a room. If you need a floor lamp in your space, why not get one with a little built-in storage as well?

This modern lamp with attached display shelves

has a sleek look and the convenience of shelves to stack your favorite reads or show off your family photos.

7.  Magnetic Switchplate Screws to Hold Keys

This nifty little product is one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that kind of things. You can replace the bottom screws in any switchplate cover with one or two of these

magnetic screws

and have an instant place to hang your keys, a penlight, or any other item you need handy!

These are extra strong magnets that hold 3 pounds of weight. Just make sure your keyring is made of a magnetic material. This is a clever solution for renters who want their keys by their door, but don’t want to hang a key rack.

8.  Over the Door Shelf with Hooks

We think of these over the door storage products for a bathroom or bedroom, but how about putting one inside your coat closet?

Many homes and apartments have a coat closet right by the front door. Put one of these

Over the Door Hangers

on it (facing either in or out) and you have a spot for your keys, sunglasses, hat, purse, whatever.

It’s like an instant entryway without adding a wall shelf or table!

Here’s a similar product that would work too


9.  Vertical Closet Hanger Organizer

Vertical Hanger Organizers like these

, are an inexpensive and easy way to quadruple your closet hanging space. They hold metal or plastic hangers, are sturdy, and come in packs of 6 or 8.

10.  Remote Control Organizer with Tray

Here is another inexpensive solution if you don’t have room for side tables.  Check out this

remote control organizer with lots of storage pockets and a built-in tray


It sits on the arm of a couch or chair and keeps your remotes, phone, magazines, papers, and other necessities close at hand. PLUS it has a hard tray top to hold your movie snacks and drinks. What more do you need?

This fits over arms that are no more than 6 inches wide, so be sure and measure before you order. I love that you can move this around to anywhere you need it in the room!

11.  Slide Out Storage for Kitchen, Bathroom, or Laundry Room

The best space savers are the ones that turn unused space into something useful. These

Slide Out Storage Towers

are perfect for beside the fridge, toilet, or washer and dryer. They come in two sizes, can be spray painted to match your decor, and have rave reviews.

12.  Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Dishes drying on your counter take up space, but then, so do dish drying racks that sit in your sink. This

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

is the perfect solution! Place it over the sink when you need it, and roll it up and stash it away when you don’t!

13.  Collapsible Colander Set

A colander is one of those kitchen items you may not use often, but when you need one…you NEED one. This

Collapsible Colander Set

flattens down to about 2 inches high, making for easy storage. They’re heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and come in 4 colors!

14.  Nesting Food Storage Containers

Everyone complains about having storage containers with missing lids, and vice versa (#FirstWorldProblems). At our house, I partially eliminated the problem by always putting the lids on the containers before I put them away. This kept the lids and containers together, but it sure took up a lot of room in the cupboards.

Not to mention, I had a conniption fit whenever I opened the cupboard and discovered the rest of the household was not adhering to my approved container storage method.  🙄

With these

Nesting Food Storage Containers

, you can solve both problems. They stack neatly inside each other, and all the lids nest snugly on top. They’re freezer and microwave safe, too!

These could have prevented a whole lot of kitchen conniption fits at my house! Also, that’s hard to say.

15.  Nesting Kitchen Tool Set

Since we’re on the topic of nesting space savers, here’s another one. These

Nesting Kitchen Tools with Magnetic Stand

are so slim and compact, they can sit right on the counter.

The set comes with 6 different kitchen utensils and they conveniently are held together with magnets in the handles. This would be a handy gift for someone with a small kitchen!

16.  Wizard 5-In-1 Kitchen Knife

Cut out the cutting board (and a few other kitchen tools) with this

5-in-1 Kitchen Knife tool by Wizard

. it cuts meats and vegetables, scissors style, plus is a slicer, peeler, and bottle opener. Save space by getting rid of tools you don’t need once you get one of these.

If you’ve tried or want to try any of these space savers, we’d love to hear about it in the comments! Do you have any space savers for small homes that you swear by?

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