50 Small Bedroom Ideas and Incredibly Useful Space Saving Tips

Your small bedroom isn’t just where you sleep, so how about some space saving small bedroom ideas to cover every function? We’ve compiled a huge list of small space tips and ideas to help you make the most of that tiny boudoir.

A bedroom space is where you get ready for the day, store your clothes and accessories, and relax at night. Maybe it even has to double as a work space. So how do you do all that in a tiny bedroom space?

The trick is to look for space saving bedroom furniture and be open to some unconventional small space solutions.

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Small Bedroom Ideas Start with Space Saver Beds

1. Choose beds with storage.

Beds with built in storage are great for small bedrooms because they can eliminate the need for a dresser in the room.

This platform bed with cubbies is a space spacing bed idea for small bedrooms
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I love the practical style of this South Shore platform bed with storage because it uses cubby storage instead of drawers. In a very small bedroom, there may not be room for drawers to pull out, so cubby storage works much better.

For more bed ideas for small bedrooms, check out our space saving beds for small rooms article.

2. Build your own under the bed storage.

If your the DIY type, it’s fairly simple to build your own shelves or cubby storage for under the bed. Check out the tutorial below to see how to do it.

3. Raise your bed with a new frame.

Zinus Raised Bed Frame saves space in a small bedroomZinus Raised Bed FrameZinus Raised Bed Frame

You don’t even need fancy shelves or cubbies to have a bed with storage. Good ole’ under the bed bins work just fine. You just need to raise your bed to fit storage bins underneath.

One way to do this is with a Zinus raised bed frame. This is a sweet little product to add storage space to a small bedroom.

A regular bed frame is about 7.5 inches from the floor but this baby is 16 inches, and has about 14 inches of clearance for under bed storage. And the bonus is that you don’t need a box spring! Just use it with your existing mattress.

It’s also available in 14 and 18 inches. You can see those options in the link.

4. Raise your bed with simple bed risers.

Adjustable Bed Risers add storage space in a small bedroomAdjustable Bed RisersAdjustable Bed Risers

For a still cheaper way to gain storage space under your bed, use blocks of wood or adjustable bed risers to raise your bed. Simply place them under each leg of your bed.

The ones pictured here have great reviews and are adjustable to different heights.

I use similar ones under my small guest room bed and they do the trick! This small change in the space make a huge difference in our storage capability.

5. Try a loft bed.

A loft bed is a great space saving bedroom idea
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A cool space saving bed for small bedrooms is a loft bed. The Dorel Living loft bed features desk space beneath it, which is great if your bedroom doubles as a home office. You could also use the space as a vanity.

Now granted, you have to be able to handle getting in and out of it, but if you can, a loft bed is a fantastic space saving solution. They utilize space very cleverly and look sharp, especially with a modern decor. Many come in full size too. This Dorel Loft Bed comes in different colors as well.

Creative Ideas for Bedside Storage

No matter how small your room, a place near your bed to put stuff is a necessity. Here’s a few unique ideas.

6. Mount a shelf as a floating nightstand.

Sometimes a bedside table just isn’t possible in a really tight bedroom space, so a bedside shelf is a simple and inexpensive space saving bedroom idea.

7. Or mount multiple shelves.

Why limit yourself to one little shelf? I love this bedroom space saving idea because it works as a nightstand alternative plus adds extra storage. And the ombre effect adds a fun pop of color!

If you want to add a floating nightstand to your small bedroom, here’s a couple inexpensive shelves that would work.

Floating Shelves used as a nightstand saves space in a small bedroomSorbus Set of 2 Floating ShelvesSorbus Set of 2 Floating ShelvesINMAN Corner Shelf can be used as a nightstand in a tiny bedroom as a space saving ideaINMAN Corner Shelf (various sizes)INMAN Corner Shelf

8. Make a DIY hanging table.

This is such a cool idea and a great look for a rustic or natural decor. Making it yourself ensures you get the exact size you need. Here’s the tutorial.

9. Try a BedShelfie or caddy.

A BedShelfie is a bedroom space saverBedShelfieBedShelfie

Mounting shelves not your thing? Well, it’s a great time to be alive because guess what? You can buy a bedside shelf that attaches to the bed!

The BedShelfie is the slickest space saving bedroom idea yet!

This AS SEEN ON TV success holds 15 pounds and has two notches to easily hold charging cables. It’s the perfect size for those bedside necessities and has rave reviews!

Bedside Caddy

Bedside Caddy saves floor space in a tiny bedroomBedside CaddyBedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is a perfect space saver for small bedrooms. This bedside caddy holds everything you need, including a laptop and simply attaches under your mattress.

It has practical features, like holes for charging cables and straps on the back in case you need to attach it to bed rails. It also is very sturdy and holds 20 lbs. of weight.

A bedside caddy like this is a simple nightstand alternative and an easy way to save space in a small bedroom.

10. Use a lamp with shelves.

A lamp with shelves can be used as a nightstand and save space in a small bedroom
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Multifunctional furniture is key to making the most of the space in any small room. The Brightech Floor Lamp with Shelves not only offers lighting and storage, but even contains an electrical outlet and two USB ports!

The two upper shelves are just the right height for convenient bedside storage and phone charging.

I love this idea so much, it’s listed as one of our 18 nightstand alternatives for small bedrooms!

11. Use double-duty furniture.

This homeowner used her vanity table as a bedside table. You could do the same thing with a small desk or vanity and have a nightstand/vanity/desk all in one piece. Below are a couple inexpensive pieces that would work perfectly for this!

Mission Desk fits well in small bedroom spacesMission DeskMission DeskVanity Table doubles as a desk as a small bedroom ideaVanity TableVanity Table


Bedside Storage Tip: You don’t have to have matching pieces on both sides of the bed, as long as the final look is balanced.

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Innovative Ways to Gain Extra Closet Storage

Tiny bedrooms typically have tiny closets. An organization system that’s unique to your needs is the key to making the most of the closet space in your small bedroom.

First, think about how you use your closet. Do you need more room to hang things up, or more shelving for folded items? What takes up the most room. Shoes? Scarves? Purses? Luggage? Once you figure out the type of storage you need, it’s easier to find a solution. Here’s some ideas that can help.

12. Invest in a closet organizing system.

Rubbermaid Closet System stretches closet space in a tiny bedroomRubbermaid Closet SystemRubbermaid Closet System

Closet organizer systems like this Rubbermaid Closet System can be customized to whatever size or configuration works for you.

This one comes with all the hardware you need to install it, is pretty easy to install, and has excellent reviews.

This is a terrific option if you want a done, out of the box solution that you can install yourself.

13. Piece together your own closet organizer.

You can easily piece together an organization system that works for you, like the homeowner above did. You might even be able to pick up some gently used closet organizer items at yard sales that would work.

There’s oodles of organization products to help you design a custom closet system for a pretty low cost. Below are a few consumer favorites.

Sterilite 3 Drawer Cart is a great small bedroom ideaSterilite 3 Drawer CartSterilite 3 Drawer Cart6 Tier Hanging Shelves are bedroom space savers6 Tier Hanging Shelves6 Tier Hanging ShelvesStorage Plus Rod saves space in a small bedroomStorage Plus RodStorage Plus RodShoe Shelves add storage to a small bedroomShoe ShelvesShoe Shelves

14. Hang the clothing rod higher up.

You might not have thought of this, but when the clothing rod is higher, it makes room for extra closet storage by way of a dresser, shelves, or cube shelving like this underneath.

15. Use the back of the closet door.

The back of the door gets overlooked, but it’s prime real estate when it comes to closet organizing and saving space in your small bedroom.

With just a few simple products, you can create a cute, customized accessory storage area on your closet door. Here’s what you’ll need:

Cute outfit hook is a bedroom space saverCute outfit hookCute outfit hookStick-on Cork is a great small bedroom ideaStick-on CorkStick-on CorkMake-up check mirrorMake-up check mirrorMake-up check mirrorEssentials storage are space savers in the bedroomEssentials storageEssentials storageNecklace Hanger for jewelry storage is a great bedroom space saverNecklace HangerNecklace HangerCute accessory storage is a bedroom space saver for small spacesCute accessory storageCute accessory storage


16. Hang hangers vertically with soda tabs.

Who’d have thought soda tabs could be so darn handy? When you use your closet space vertically as well as horizontally, it makes room for extra closet storage and is a real space saver in a small bedroom.

17. Do the same thing with chains.

No soda tabs or chains (or just plain don’t have time to DIY)? Buy some vertical hangers like this space saving 6 pack of vertical hangers and quadruple your closet space in minutes – easy peasy.

Vertical hangers are a great bedroom space saver idea to extend closet space in a small bedroom
View on Amazon

18. Install shelves to use the unusable spaces.

Those annoying sides and corners of your closet can be put to good use with some shelving. The pin above links to a DIY tutorial to show you how to build shelves in the corners of your closet and maximize that space.

19. Use every little bit of closet wall space.

If you want to use your closet wall space effectively, I have one word for you: HOOKS! Use them for hats, belts, scarves, and jewelry. I love how clean and organized the closet above looks!

Below are a couple hook rack ideas to help organize your small closet.

MyGift Rustic Jewelry Hooks are a great small bedroom ideaMyGift Rustic Jewelry HooksMyGift Rustic Jewelry HooksBirdRock Hook Rack is a good space saver in a tiny bedroomBirdRock Hook RackBirdRock Hook Rack

20. Hang a pegboard in your closet.

When it comes to small bedroom ideas, we have to mention pegboard. These are insanely useful in any room where you need extra storage space.

The pegboard wall above gives oodles of extra closet storage, but even a portion of a wall with pegboard could be all you need.

No Closet? How to Pull Together a Stand-Alone Closet

21. Buy a stand-alone closet already made.

a stand alone closet is a great bedroom space saver when you have no closet
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A stand-alone or freestanding closet like the Whitmor Freestanding Closet is a relatively inexpensive solution if you have a bedroom with no closet or a very small one.

It can be customized with storage accessories like these cute polka dot decorative bins and these chic patterned hat boxes.

Not sure where you’ll put a freestanding closet in your small bedroom? Try it at the foot or head of the bed!

22. Create your own stand-alone closet.

Piece together your own version of the ready-made closet above with just a clothes rack and decorative shoe boxes, like they’ve done in the above image. Below are a couple products to get you started.

Whitmor Garment Rack gives closet space in a small bedroomWhitmor Garment RackWhitmor Garment RackDecorative Storage Boxes organize a small bedroomDecorative Storage BoxesDecorative Storage Boxes


23. Make a corner clothing rack.

You can DIY this corner clothing rack using PVC pipe!

24. Hang a branch for a unique stand-alone closet.

Here’s one of the cutest small bedroom closet ideas we’ve seen – a hanging branch clothing rack. Below is a simple DIY tutorial that shows how to make it.

25. Use a ladder as a clothing rack.

A ladder would make a really cute, sort of shabby chic, stand-alone closet. This blogger hung a ladder in her laundry room for drying clothes, but this idea would work in a bedroom for clothing and accessory storage. The tutorial for how to make a DIY clothing rack from a ladder is here.

26. Make a tiny corner closet from an old door.

I love this idea because it’s a stand-alone closet and dressing area all in one! Brace an old door against the wall with wood strips, add a wire shelf, mirror and hooks and Voila! A tiny dressing area for your tiny space.

Preserve Floor Space with these Dresser Alternatives

27. Store your clothes under the bed.

Mom always said not to put your clothes under your bed, but when stored neatly away in containers like these, how could she complain?

If you raise your bed up (see our #2 suggestion above), then there’s plenty of room under there for storage and it’s an easy dresser alternative that saves floor space in a small bedroom.

Wheeled Underbed StorageWheeled Underbed StorageWheeled Underbed Storage are real bedroom space saversDivided Underbed StorageDivided Underbed StorageDivided Underbed Storage


28. DIY your own under the bed storage with wheels.

We love upcycled stuff! Here’s a tutorial to make space saving under the bed storage.

29. Use a nightstand with drawers as a dresser.

Remember (way back there) tip #11 – to use furniture that can pull double-duty? Use your nightstand as a dresser and store smaller things, like socks and undergarments in it.

The Decor Therapy Nightstand Tables are just under 16 inches wide, so they’re small, but with three drawers, there is still room for some clothing storage. They come in several color choices too!

use nightstands with drawers to store clothing to save space in a small bedroom
View on Amazon

30. Use shelves and bins or baskets.

One of the most important small bedroom ideas to remember is this: Go vertical! A bookcase with bins or baskets used as makeshift drawers is a smart dresser alternative in a tiny bedroom. The image above shows cubicle shelves, but just about any bookcase would work.

31. Utilize cubicle storage for clothing.

Speaking of cubicle shelves – these puppies are our favorite storage solution for almost any room in the house! The canvas “drawers” come in a huge variety of fabrics and materials, so they blend in with any decor.

ClosetMaid Cube Organizers are bedroom space saversClosetMaid Cube OrganizerClosetMaid Cube OrganizerFabric Storage Bins save space in a small roomFabric Storage BinsFabric Storage Bins


32. Store folded clothing on closet shelves.

closet shelf dividers are great little space saver ideas in a small bedroom with limited closet space
View on Amazon

Another dresser alternative is to simply store your folded clothing on your closet shelves. These closet shelf dividers will help keep your stacks neat and tidy.

33. Use plastic drawers tucked into a closet.

Plastic or even cloth drawers don’t look half bad and can be tucked into a closet or other small space for clothing storage. They’re also very lightweight so they can be easily moved around in your home as needed.

Sterilite 3 Drawer Storage is perfect to save space in a small bedroomSterilite 3 Drawer StorageSterilite 3 Drawer StoragemDesign 5 Drawer Storage is a bedroom space saver ideamDesign 5 Drawer StoragemDesign 5 Drawer Storage

34. Use a hanging dresser.

Canvas hanging organizers are like a compact dresser, but without taking up any bedroom floor space. I love the side pockets for even more handy storage. Both are very popular and the Simple Houseware one comes in several colors. Practical AND cute!

StorageWorks Hanging Organizer saves space in a small bedroomStorageWorks Hanging OrganizerStorageWorks Hanging OrganizerSimple Houseware Organizer is great for tiny bedroom spacesSimple Houseware OrganizerSimple Houseware Organizer

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Sneaky Ways to Add More Storage to Your Small Bedroom

Aside from clothing storage, there are books, personal and decorative items you might need to store in your bedroom as well. Here are a few small bedroom ideas to help you out with that.

35. Put a cube storage unit at the foot of the bed.

Have I mentioned yet how much we love these cubed storage units? Put one at the foot of your bed to add all kinds of storage space.

This South Shore 5-shelf bookcase could work for this purpose. Simply turn it sideways so it’s horizontal instead of vertical. Sometimes you have to think outside the cube to save space in a small bedroom.

36. Arrange cubicle shelves like a headboard.

This is one of the loveliest small bedroom ideas we’ve seen. It’s such a great look! Mount crates or wood boxes to the wall, like they’ve done here, for an all-in-one headboard and nightstands.

Or, you could buy a few cubicle shelving units and arrange them strategically at the head of your bed for a DIY headboard with storage.

37. Put bookcases behind the bed.

Bookcases behind the bed not only save space but make for a dramatic focal point as well. Bookcases similar to the ones below would work for this (you would use 2 or 3 of them depending on the width of your bed).

The bookcase height will depend on how low to the ground your bed is. You probably want a height of at least 43″. The option below come in different finishes and heights to help you get the look you want.

Camaflexi Bookcase 48Camaflexi Bookcase 48″HCamaflexi Bookcase 48

38. Buy a headboard with storage.

A bookcase headboard is a space saving idea to give more storage in a small bedroom
View on Amazon

That area directly above the bed is unused space anyway, so a bookcase headboard is a smart piece of space saving bedroom furniture. I like that this one is tall, so there’s lots of nooks and crannies to tuck decorative and personal items.

39. Mount shelves to the wall above your bed.

If you mount shelves above your bed, make sure they are mounted into studs and be extra cautious about what you store on the shelves, especially if you’re in an earthquake-prone area.

In the image above, they’ve added under cabinet lights to make these shelves even more functional and eliminate the need for lamps.

40. DIY some narrow floating shelves for books.

These floating bookshelves are great space savers as they can fit into a corner and are a pretty storage solution for books and magazines. You can make these space saving floating shelves. OR you can buy some similar vertical shelves already made. Gotta love the done-for-you stuff!

IKEA Lack Shelf adds storage space to a small bedroomIKEA Lack ShelfIKEA Lack ShelfDanya B Tier Wall Shelf saves space in a small bedroomDanya B Tier Wall ShelfDanya B Tier Wall Shelf

41. Put your junk in a trunk.

I could hardly wait to type that. But seriously…trunks are great for storage. Use one for a nightstand, at the foot of the bed or for extra seating, and fill it with whatever you need to store.

If you’re lucky enough to find a vintage one at a yard sale, great! But you can find cute new ones online too, like the ones below.

Farmhouse Trunk adds storage to a small bedroom spaceFarmhouse TrunkFarmhouse TrunkSet of Deco Trunks are a small bedroom ideaSet of Deco TrunksSet of Deco Trunks

42. Make DIY ladder storage.

The picture shows this in a bathroom, but it would work in a bedroom easily. Just use S hooks and baskets on some of the rungs for storage of the current bedtime novel or other personal items. You could drape a sweater or throw blanket over other rungs. What a cute idea!

Bronze S Hooks can be used to save space in a tiny bedroomBronze S HooksBronze S HooksSet of Bronze Baskets are a great bedroom space saving ideaSet of Bronze BasketsSet of Bronze Baskets

43. Hang pegboard.

In #20 above, we suggested pegboard for use in your closet, but it’s a smart solution for other storage as well. Attach baskets to catch clutter and pretty up the pegboard with some artwork here and there.

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Space Saving Desk and Vanity Ideas

You may not need a desk or dressing table in your small bedroom, but if you do, here are a few space saving desk solutions that could work for you.

44. Hang a floating desk on the wall.

A floating desk or vanity is less bulky and a clever space saving idea for small bedrooms
View on Amazon

The best small bedroom ideas are the ones that help you save precious floor space. A wall mounted floating desk does this beautifully. What I love about this one is that it can double as a vanity table.

45. Buy a hideaway desk.

Tangkula foldaway desk is a brilliant space saving idea for a small bedroom or office
View on Amazon

This Fold-out Hideaway Desk is an awesome space saver! It tucks away when not in use, like a secret moving bookcase…well, maybe not just like that, but it’s pretty cool.

46. Use a shelf as a desk.

A simple wall mounted shelf can serve as a small desk. I had one of these in my bedroom as a kid and did my homework on it. The picture shows it as a vanity in a little girl’s room, but the idea works for a desk space too.

47. Or use a windowsill.

If you have a wide windowsill, consider using it as a desk. Or add a shelf to run the length of the window, for a faux windowsill and use that.

48. Try an over-the-door vanity.

An over the door vanity is a genius bedroom space saver
View on Amazon

Okay girls, is this slick or what? An over the door makeup vanity and storage all in one. The vanity tray folds up and the whole thing closes up and hangs right over the door. That’s one of the best small bedroom ideas ever!

There is also an over the door jewelry storage product that is equally cool. I mention both of these products in our space-saving gifts for moms article.

49. Put a small desk at the foot of the bed.

A desk at the end of the bed is a clever layout for a small bedroom. Better yet, use a sofa or console table as a desk instead. They are narrower and longer and take up less space than most desks.

Below are a couple narrow pieces that would work well for this purpose in a small bedroom.

Wood Console Table is narrow and perfect for small bedroomsWood Console TableWood Console TableWhite Console Table works well as a small bedroom furniture ideaWhite Console TableWhite Console Table

50. Use a bedside table as a desk.

I know, I know…again with the double duty nightstands (I’ve mentioned it a time or two), but when you have a small bedroom you really need to make those bedside tables multifunctional.

Use a small table like this Ikea one that has room for a chair and it can double as a small vanity or space saving desk.

51. Use a corner desk (ok, 51 ideas).

Turn a corner into usable space with a corner desk. Add some wall shelves for more storage and you have a great little home office space in your bedroom. This is a DIY corner desk, but there are some really inexpensive corner desks available if you don’t want to DIY it.

The Kings Brand Corner Desk below comes in white or black. And then there is the cool L-shaped swivel desk that rotates for multiple configurations and you can tuck away the L part so it takes up less room when you’re not using it.

Kings Brand Corner Desk is a small bedroom furniture ideaKings Brand Corner DeskKings Brand Corner DeskCOSVALVE L-Shaped Swivel Desk is space saving furniture for small bedroomsCOSVALVE L-Shaped Swivel DeskCOSVALVE L-Shaped Swivel Desk

And did you notice in the pinned image above, how they positioned the desk next to the bed so it can double as a nightstand?

Just sayin’. Because I don’t think I mentioned the multi-purpose nightstand thing.

The point is…no matter your bedroom size, there are all sorts of small bedroom ideas and tricks to help you make it both a comfy retreat and a multifunctional space.


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